Synergy Float Spa | Float Spa in Merritt Island, FL
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A second Synergy Location is Coming in Summer 2024!

Created in a 1927 historic home, located in the old park place area of Merritt Island just off State Road 520. Dedicated off-street parking lot with private outdoor garden space to relax after your sessions.

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Modalities include:
  • 4 Superior Float tanks
  • 2 Infrared saunas
  • 1 outside Fire and Ice room
  • Magnetic Resonance therapy,
  • Acoustical Sound therapy
  • Lucia Light
  • NanoVi
  • Halotherapy
  • Red Light therapy
  • and massage/reiki/or energy healer.
Our New Location:
Checkout our Alexandria Location for a Preview: 
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Meet our new Energy Healer - Lakshmi Puri

I was given the name Lakshmi from a renowned Yoga Master as a baby and grew up in a spiritual ashram near Washington D.C. I was immersed in the smells of incense, chiming bells, devotional prayers, and dedication to the healing path through practicing yoga asanas, pranayama (breath work), performing holy rituals, and repeating a mantra in meditation. 

In meditation, a whole realm unveiled itself before me involving my intuitive wisdom to work with energy and connect to a higher consciousness beyond my mental comprehension and reasoning. It felt as if I had been doing this for lifetimes. I was guided to travel to Rajasthan, India where I started working with others as a healer here while strengthening my own Divine connection being in this Motherland of Spirituality. I then returned to the States to continue practicing with people all around the world. I truly look forward to connecting with you.  Sessions available on Sunday and Mondays starting on Feb. 19th.