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Float Center in Alexandria, VA
Photo Courtesy of Dan Holland

Floatation therapy is an escape from the constant stress of life’s daily pressures and a natural way to heal the body and mind. Floatation brings the body back into homeostasis.


  • $69/mo

  • $99/mo

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Float Center in Alexandria, VA
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The Magnesphere™ is a cutting edge relaxation device that is on the front lines of energetic healing. Imagine laying in a zero gravity chair while an invisible electromagnetic field surrounds you. As you relax or fall asleep, it realigns your cells on a molecular level.


  • $99/mo

  • $505/mo

Additional Services

Infrared Sauna

floatation Tank Therapy in Alexandria, VA

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to create heat. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you.

 inHarmony Bed and BioMat Therapy

inHarmony offers sound and vibration experiences aimed at promoting relaxation and well-being for you.

Lucia N°03

The Lucia N°03 uses wide spectrum solid light plus LED flashing at various frequencies to relax and dilate the central nervous system.

Hydrogen Therapy (Just Breathe)

Synergy Float Spa has partnered with Axiom H2, https://www.axiomh2.com/, to provide our clients with Hydrogen Therapy via the HW600 2.0 Premium Cellular Optimization Machine. Just relax and breathe it in for 30 minutes at a time. We can also make high concentrated Hydrogen water to bring home.

Red Light Therapy

Synergy Float Spa offers Red light therapy in your own private room. We have two Bio-Max 900- 72 inch high, 7-band R+|NIR+ Advanced Spectral Output lights. You will stand or sit in front of them and don’t have to turn around as both your front and back will be engulfed in red light. We also have a foot light you can stand on to help with neuropathy that shoots red light up into the bottom of your feet. The more skin you can expose the better, so most clients go all natural. Sessions are typically from 15 -60 minutes in length and the cost about a dollar a minute.


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What People Are Saying About Our Float Center

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future.”

– Lao Tzu, 15th century

“If you are at peace, you are floating.”

– Chris Jones, 20th century

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“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are; it solely relies on what you think.”

– Buddha

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Meet our new Energy Healer - Lakshmi Puri

I was given the name Lakshmi from a renowned Yoga Master as a baby and grew up in a spiritual ashram near Washington D.C. I was immersed in the smells of incense, chiming bells, devotional prayers, and dedication to the healing path through practicing yoga asanas, pranayama (breath work), performing holy rituals, and repeating a mantra in meditation. 

In meditation, a whole realm unveiled itself before me involving my intuitive wisdom to work with energy and connect to a higher consciousness beyond my mental comprehension and reasoning. It felt as if I had been doing this for lifetimes. I was guided to travel to Rajasthan, India where I started working with others as a healer here while strengthening my own Divine connection being in this Motherland of Spirituality. I then returned to the States to continue practicing with people all around the world. I truly look forward to connecting with you.  Sessions available on Sunday and Mondays starting on Feb. 19th.